Reviews of His Name Was Zach

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“His Name Was Zach is an outstanding piece of literature…a gripping nail-biting read from beginning to end and a true testament to [the author’s] creative craft.” – Entrada Publishing

“Overall this was a rather fun book! I LOVE the dynamic between Zach (the “dad”) and Abby (his “kid”). There’s something so refreshing about a father-daughter duo teaming up against the zombie apocalypse!” – Miranda Reads

“A well done premiere novel by indie author Peter Martuneac…definitely worth a read.”M.J. Flemming

“Martuneac takes an overdone literary and film genre…and gives it a refreshing twist. His Name Was Zach is a book I highly recommend if one is looking for an easy-to-follow, character-rich, suspenseful, and highly emotional post-apocalyptic novel.” – Bookmark this Book blog

“Overall, if you are looking for an action/adventure dystopian with military intrigue, written in a unique style, this is the perfect book. Prepare to be shocked around every corner and in every chapter!” Julia Ash

“The author does not leave any stone un-turned in this novel. He writes about human nature and the lengths we’ll go to not only to survive but to protect our loved ones…in the end, you’ll know what’s important to you. Survival.”Brooke

“A great book by a talented author.” – Stephen Black

“It’s a surprisingly touching and heartfelt book that made me cry at the end.” Judy

“[Zach and Abby’s] interactions with others are heartfelt, heroic, tragic, illogical, violent, and wrenching in turn. The writing was great; descriptive but concise.”Dita

I was drawn into the story from the start. Danger followed and searched for Zach and Abby. Both great characters, ones I grew to care about.” Randy

“The whole plot unfurls in a fairly steady, predictable pattern…in the end, the problem for me came down to structure more than anything…I did not particularly enjoy His Name Was Zach, but if you are a superfan of all things zombie and survival horror, you should give it a try and see for yourself.”Melissa

“No matter what [the protagonists] face, and what they have to do, I found they handled it realistically, not being too good or evil, flawed yet perfectly human.” – Lucretia

“This book is way deeper than average post-apocalyptic novel. Strong and extremely brave characters (like witty and cool girl Abby!) Creative writing and surprisingly easy to read.”Victoria

“As an avid “Zombie Apocalypse” genre fan, I think it’s difficult to really enthrall me anymore….but now I’m happy to add His Name was Zach to my collection of favorite Zombie Apocalypse-type books…This was a great novel that I guarantee I will pick up and read again in the future.”Ciri

“I’m a fan of zombie stories, but there are certain tropes I love and those I despise. Unfortunately, the author seemed to universally pick the wrong option (for me) every time… The book was descriptive, well edited/formatted, and hit the crucial arcs from the Walking Dead comics…but it never connected with me.”Phillip

“A refreshing take on post-apocalyptic scenery with a hugely immersive storyline. I was particularly drawn to the variety of characters and how powerful they all were.” – Clinton

“At first glance, this is a story about survival post zombie apocalypse. When you dig deeper, it is a tale of love between a father and his chosen daughter. It is also an exploration of how the true character of a person is shown when no body is looking.”Amy

“I liked it…it is up high on my list for zombie books…if there ever comes a book solely about Abby, I will probably read it.” Peyton

“This book had me hooked at page 1…one of the best zombie books I have read and I cannot wait for the next one!” – Lecia

“This is one of my favorite types of zombie books – military guy as the lead, great zombies, lots of action, unexpected and surprising plot twists, some love, and an overall great story!” – Bridget

“Can’t wait for the next book in the series.” Michelle

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