Paperback Copies

There will be paperback copies of ‘His Name Was Zach’ available soon! At the moment I’m experiencing some technical difficulty getting the cover formatted correctly, and I haven’t yet had time to fix it due to work and some family issues that involved taking our poor dog (Mr. Frodo Waggins) to the vet. But I will fix this, so if paperback copies are your preference, as is the case with me, sit tight and they’ll be here soon!

This is not the end!

If you’ve finished reading ‘His Name Was Zach’, you might be left wanting more. I felt the same way when I finished writing it myself! I couldn’t say goodbye to these characters who had come to life just yet, and that is why there will be more books coming. I’ve put in a lot of hard work on the next book, and I hope to have it ready for release next year. So just sit tight, maybe read ‘His Name Was Zach’ a second time, and check back here for updates because I may drop some teasers along the way!

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