Personal Update: The Cost of Living

On a typical day, I very much enjoy being a homeowner. Rent becomes a mortgage payment, I have a yard the kids can play in, and I don’t need to worry about people above me getting rowdy.

But inevitably things break, and then there’s no maintenance staff like in my old apartment building who will take care of it at their expense.

A few days ago the dishwasher decided to stop working. I’ve already fixed it once about a year ago with a new part from the manufacturer, and that was $75. So my wife and I figured this time we might as well just get a new unit (the old one is about 10 years old, I believe).

So all told I’m out about $800 for this thing. That includes tax, delivery, installation, and hauling away the old unit. I could probably install it myself but then I’d have to deal with the headache of getting rid of a very large, very heavy appliance. I guess I’m willing to part with about a hundred extra dollars for convenience.

In the meantime, until we can get the dishwasher delivered and installed, we’re left to wash dishes by hand, like some kind of Stone Age cavemen!

But on the bright side, my sister and her family are hoping to move back to the United States this summer after living abroad for the last 10 years, so that’s something to look forward to. My youngest brother graduated college and is getting ready to start his career as a teacher, and he also plans to get engaged to his girlfriend soon!

So despite the frustrating financial setbacks, and the reminder that merely living is expensive, there’s things to look forward to and be happy about!

In writing news, I ran another ‘free download’ promotion for my books on Amazon, resulting in nearly 400 downloads! Hopefully some of the folks who got my books will actually read them, and maybe I’ll get a review or two out of it.

I hope you all had a good weekend, and as always thank you for reading! Happy Monday!

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  1. Okay… this might not be a comment you want to hear, but: I actually like hand-washing dishes. I find it kinda relaxing. At an apartment I once lived at, the dishwasher was broken for months and I didn’t know because I’d never bother using it. (‘Course, it’s much easier when you only have your own dishes to clean! 🙂 )

    Congrats to your brother on graduating! Always an exciting time.

    Wow, 400 downloads is great! I hope you will be getting some reviews out of all those.

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    1. I actually was the same way when I lived on my own, I’d wash the dishes by hand after every meal because it was one plate, one fork, one pan. I don’t think I ever used the dishwasher once lol.

      Thank you! It’s still weird seeing my brother be a grown up now. I’m ten years older than him so he was literally the baby brother.

      Fingers crossed!

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  2. Been a homeowner for almost 30 years now. When we bought our first home in ’94 it was “fun” to do home projects. But now, I want nothing to do with those things. We have a pool and a relatively large yard for the neighborhood we live in, and I want nothing to do with maintaining any of it. I’m ready for a smaller place, a smaller yard, no pool, and as little stuff to fix and maintain as possible. Odd thing though is that rent his higher than mortgage payments, so I’ll likely always be an owner with the responsibility to get things fixed.

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    1. We have a nice sized yard, which I like for now so the kids have plenty of room to run around and play. But maybe in the future we’ll look to downsize on the yard.

      But you’re absolutely right, the way rent is these days it’s still probably better to own a house and be responsible for the occasional repairs.

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