Don’t Breathe is a horror movie that came out 5 years ago and apparently it now has a sequel in theaters. I haven’t seen the sequel and I’m not going to because I hated the first one, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment.

The plot of the first movie revolves around a group of teens who break into houses and rob them. One night, they target the home of a blind man who has $300,000 in cash tucked away, money he was awarded in a settlement when a wealthy woman struck and killed his only daughter while driving drunk.

Anyway, the man at some point realizes there’s intruders in his house and the rest of the movie is a cat-and-mouse chase.

So the concept was intriguing but overall the movie fell apart from plot holes, I thought. For one thing, this old blind dude literally turns into DareDevil as he fights the home invaders, like he’s got super hearing powers.

And okay, I was willing to buy that at first. I’m very easygoing when it comes to suspending belief. But eventually the man starts shooting at the intruders. Several times. Inside a small house.

It goes without saying that guns are extremely loud. Even a suppressed gunshot has a higher decibel count than a jet engine. Firing a gun multiple times in very small space like a basement would absolutely wreck your hearing, and yet the blind dude continues to use his hearing superpowers like normal.

Now here’s a couple spoilers, just a head’s up in case you haven’t seen the first movie and you intend to watch it.

It’s revealed later that the blind man has been holding the woman who killed his daughter hostage in his house for months. Now do you really expect me to believe that a wealthy woman has been missing for months and nobody, not one detective or Private Investigator, has thought, “Hey, didn’t she kill some guy’s daughter recently? Maybe we should check in on him.”

And then there’s the kidnapping itself. How did a blind man kidnap anyone???? How could he possibly have done this???? It makes no sense!

So throughout the movie he’s chasing 3 people around and murders two of them. There’s blood everywhere, shell casings from different guns everywhere, a body that’s clearly been moved, multiple signs of struggle.

The police respond to the house the next morning, and the guy tells them two (not three) people broke into his house and tried to rob him but he shot them both…and they just take his word for it! All these obvious signs of a protracted, drawn out struggle, but the cops just say, “Eh, nothin to see here. We’ll take him at his word, not collect any evidence, sample any of this blood, or run ballistics test on any of these dozens of shells.”

So there you have it, an interesting premise executed really poorly. If you’ve seen the movie and disagree with me, leave a comment below so I can let you know how you’re wrong 😉

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    1. Yeah, I just don’t understand all the high marks it received across the board. I’m usually pretty forgiving of plot holes, but there’s only so much you can get away with when your protagonist is blind.

      Book of Eli did it well because it never pretended to be a realistic movie. In this case, the director explicitly stated he wanted to do a movie firmly grounded in reality but then goes and gives this guy what amounts to superpowers.

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    1. Yeah, it was just too hard to believe. It didn’t help that the director explicitly stated that he set out to do a more realistic movie than his previous work. That kinda made the plot holes seem bigger


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