Kindle Vella: Coming This Week!

If you haven’t heard, Kindle Vella is set to open to readers this week! It’s a new reading app from Kindle that will allow readers access to serialized stories made available in short episodes. Think Wattpad but with more focus on the actual stories and less on the social media aspect.

Yours truly will have a 9-episode series available right away. It serves as a prequel to His Name Was Zach and is called Zach: Last Light. It’s a look at the life of Zach and Abby before the inciting incidents of HNWZ told through Zach’s perspective.

It was a lot of fun writing this! I enjoyed stepping back into Zach and Abby’s story one last time (yes, last time). There’s more of their usual banter and plenty of excitement in the story, and I hope you’ll give it a gander!

Once Kindle Vella is officially open to readers, I’ll be sure to post a link here.

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