Think Before You Tweet

If you’re not active in the book review/author community on Twitter, you might have missed some major drama last week. An author, whose name I’ve already forgotten, released her first book and it received glowing reviews from editorials.

It was even receiving high marks from your regular, every-day book reviewers! One blogger gave it 4-stars on Goodreads, saying that she loved it and that the book was nearly perfect!

The author saw this review, took a screenshot, and posted it on Twitter to thank the blogger for her kind words…

Oh wait, she actually insulted the blogger and called her an a**hole.

Yes, you read that right. A blogger who loved the author’s book and wrote a wonderful review is apparently an a**hole who just demands perfection from her books.

The author doubled-down, saying (and I paraphrase): for all you authors afraid to like that tweet, don’t worry. I know you secretly hate reviewers like this and I’ll hate them openly for you.

Well, needless to say, the book blogger and author communities caught wind of this and put the author on blast. Her book on Goodreads now currently has nearly 3,000 1-star ratings, the reason being given is that the author is a cyberbully.

The author later claimed that it was a joke, that she was ‘stoned’ when she tweeted that and wasn’t serious. That’s still not okay. This author is apparently somewhat famous, is a verified Twitter account and has 60,000 followers. She could have sent some very nasty people over to this book blogger with her horrible tweets because she didn’t even have the common courtesy of blocking out the reviewer’s name.

I can’t believe it has to be said, but don’t put your readers on blast! It’s rude, it’s insulting, and it makes every other author look bad.

And it wasn’t even a bad review!!! I just can’t wrap my mind around this whole thing. If you apparently can’t handle even the slightest criticism of your books, don’t read the reviews. I love reading reviews of my own books (yes, I’m horribly vain in that regard) but I’ve never engaged with readers I don’t know at least a little bit. Ultimately, the reviews are for readers, not the authors.

Anyway, my point is think before you tweet. Maybe it really was just a joke, I don’t know. But maybe DM your hilarious joke to a friend who understands you’re joking, don’t put a book reviewer on blast publicly in front of your 60,000 followers.

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  1. If only people thought more often… I was talking to a friend these days about the anxiety that comes with reviewing books. As someone who works in the creative field I have often felt what it’s like to have people not like what you do, what you put out there. And obviously, since you published/ presented that something, to you it was your best at that moment in time. However, we cannot be so ignorant of how others actually do feel. Taste is different, experiences are different, expectations are different. To be offended, even as a joke, that someone gave you 4 and not 5 stars is absolutely insane. As a reviewer I have the responsibility to be honest in my reviews, in what I say about books. Evidently, I do also have the responsibility of expressing that in a king, mindful way, acknowledging that it is someone’s work and effort.
    Twitter sadly shows it how both sides so often forget to be human and to practice what reading and writing books should teach you: empathy, patience, the ability to think from a different perspective.

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