A New Project and Twitter Woes

Barely a week ago I finished the first draft of Creed: Mandate of Heaven and got it off to a couple beta readers. I haven’t received any feedback, but honestly I’m already tired of not writing anything.

So I jumped into the next book already!

Maybe a bit premature but I’ve come to really like these characters and the new treasure they’re seeking this time offers exciting possibilities! The tentative name is Creed: Solomon’s Fortune. Just a taste of what’s to come to whet your appetite!

Also I’ve been on Twitter now for about a year and a half, and I’ve made a couple good friends/acquaintances there but honestly Twitter mostly sucks. At least the Writing Community does. I made the mistake of following mostly fellow writers early on, just like most other writers do, so now it’s just a big echo chamber of everyone trying to sell their books to each other.

As one Twitter person noted, it’s like a Girl Scout convention where all the scouts are trying to sell cookies to each other.

And then there’s the people who ask inane questions that have nothing to do with writing just to get likes and comments so their profile looks like it’s actively followed. The worst part is it works. People will share announcements about a new book they started or how they got a full manuscript request and get a handful of interaction.

Then someone else will ask “what object is to your left” and get hundreds of interactions. And that’s not hyperbole, I literally saw that exact tweet get hundreds of replies and shares.

So what I’m doing now is going through my list of followed accounts and deleting just about everyone that I don’t actively engage.

If you’re a writer thinking about hopping onto Twitter, my advice is to not follow a bunch of writers. Some is okay, but you should be trying to engage readers and bloggers there, people who may actually buy your books and promote your work. If you just follow a bunch of writers like I did, you’ll be lost in a sea of “BUY MY BOOK” tweets.

But at least Twitter is good for keeping up with the Chicago Bears, as painful as that is. Maybe this year they’ll not totally suck.

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  1. I’m with you, I want to use twitter as a secondary platform for outreach, but it’s a pain to grow organically, especially early on. If you suddenly figure out the key to Twitter (other than asking inane questions), let us know.

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  2. It’s great to hear you’ve jumped into another book! Funny you should mention Twitter. Just yesterday, I asked a fellow blogger for hashtags that would give me something more substantive than endless writers’ lifts and asinine questions. And I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve stopped my bony little fingers from typing in response to wannabe writers asking Twitter how to write, “Take some writing classes–that’s what they’re for!”

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    1. I don’t know if you know this but you can mute certain words or hashtags so you don’t see them anymore! I’ve muted those awful writers’ lifts, self-promos, all those things haha. And now I’m whittling down the list of people I follow to folks I actually interact with.

      And I agree, I’ve deleted countless snarky tweets before sending haha

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  3. Twitter is… interesting. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people there, including many writers whom I consider to be good friends. That said, Twitter can also be annoying at times, too. (I wish there were a way to get rid of the “Trending Topics” section; it’s nothing but a distraction.)

    As Charles Dickens might say, “It’s the best of social media, it’s the worst of social media…”

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