Behind the Characters, part 3: The Raiders

Welcome back to Behind the Characters! We’ve taken a more in-depth look now at the two main characters of Their Names Were Many, Abby and Hiamovi. Today we’ll be getting a glimpse of their supporting cast and comrades: the Marine Raiders.

The premise of Their Names Were Many is different from the first two books in the series. Whereas before it focused on Abby trying to escape the Wild, she’s now headed back into it! After a few years, there’s been a return to normalcy in America and the government finally decided it was time to reclaim those lost lands. Abby, with her intimate knowledge of the Wild plus the skills she’s acquired over the years, make her the ideal person to lead a reconnaissance team.

Thus, she ends up reuniting with Hiamovi and his squad of Marine Raiders.

Besides Abby and Hiamovi, there are 12 other Marines in the squad. But like J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, only a handful of these receive more fully fleshed-out personalities, for sake of brevity.

First up is Jax, the squad leader. He’s a Gunnery Sergeant with nearly 20 years of military experience. A natural leader hardened by a long military career, one which may not have always progressed smoothly given his middling rank, he’s wary of Abby at first. Before meeting her, he assumes she’s the pet project of some politician and worries he’ll have to babysit some civilian.

But after his first conversation with Abby, he suspects there’s more to her than meets the eye and decides to give her the chance to prove him wrong.

Next up is Chad. He’s one of the younger Marines, no older than Abby or Hiamovi. A bit headstrong and convinced of his own invincibility, he is what I would call a fairly typical infantry Marine. He also enjoys hitting on Abby when the opportunity rises (though not when he’s within striking distance of her).

Yuri and Nate are both snipers. They’re more reserved than the others, but treat Abby relatively warmly from the outset, especially Nate. They’ve been together since boot camp and seem to be inseparable.

You can learn more about these characters and others in Their Names Were Many, it’s only $2.99 to download on Kindle! Check it out here!

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