I’m nearly finished reading this book (still got about 100 pages left) but I really don’t want to wait any longer to say the things I have to say about this one.

This is an epic fantasy story, nearly 1,300 pages in length. It follows several different characters throughout the story, but they’re all nicely divided between chapters so you don’t become lost. And the author provides a link to a map of his fantasy land, which is great! But I’ll start with what I didn’t like because these are minor issues that eventually died away:

1) Early in the book, the author tended to ramble a bit. One character in particular, his inner monologue could go on and on and on, often circling around the same thought. I felt he took up a page to say what was already said in the first paragraph. But this issue did not extend past the first 10% of the book or so.

2) This is a slow burner, and because of its length I’m warning you now that it doesn’t start to really pick up until you’ve basically already read a whole book’s worth of pages. But trust me it’s worth it.

3) Character descriptions. There are some, not as much as I would like. And that’s fine, but there’s so many characters and sometimes a great deal of time between returning to one of them that I frequently got my mental images mixed up.

4) This is 100% just an opinion, and I know I’m in the minority on this, but I don’t like books that leave you in the dark as much as the characters. I like omniscience, I like knowing what’s going on and observing the characters react. For me, it makes this book hard to follow at first because conversations are taking place that make no sense to the character and thus no sense to me (and honestly I almost DNF’d this one about twenty pages in because I really, really don’t like that).

Now, all of that is either just my preferences or early issues. But this book really is phenomenal if you’re willing to give it a chance. Once the action starts, it doesn’t let up. Once the plot begins to manifest itself before you, you can’t put it down! Well written, memorable characters, a tantalizing world of gods, demi-gods, and mortals, ancient blood feuds, political intrigue and warfare, it’s truly a delight to read. I can’t imagine the sheer amount of work that went into this work, and I thank the author for it!

I started off thinking this one would be a DNF. Once I pushed past that, I was thinking 2 stars, maybe 3. Decided to be generous and do a 4, mostly for just how impressive an effort a 1300 page book is. Coming into the last 10% of the book, and I give it a solid 5 stars. That fact, that a book written in a style I tend to despise still gets 5 stars from me, should be testament enough to its worth.

Do yourself a favor and pick this up. It’s on Kindle Unlimited, which is how I’m reading it, so if you have that option it doesn’t even cost you anything to give it a try. Again I warn you it’s a slow burner, very slow, but SO worth it.

Published by Peter Martuneac

Marine, Boilermaker, husband and father. I'm here to share my thoughts on all things political or philosophical.

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