Passion, Criticism, and Stoicism. — The Stoic Veteran

I’ve been feeling a little down about my writing lately, folks. Good ol’ imposter syndrome again. So I revisited an old post from back in May, when I received my first negative review, to inspire me and hopefully raise my spirits. Take a look, you might find some good advice for when you’re feeling a little negative about yourself!

Excepting politics, there’s not many topics that can spark a heated debate quite like arts and entertainment. Movies, books, television shows, these things all can spark cult followings as well as dedicated haters. And it’s to be expected. Entertainment is subjective, and different people enjoy different things. I for one loved the movie Napoleon Dynamite, […]

Passion, Criticism, and Stoicism. — The Stoic Veteran

Published by Peter Martuneac

Marine, Boilermaker, husband and father. I'm here to share my thoughts on all things political or philosophical.

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