The Story Behind the Characters: Part 4

Another of my favorite characters will be examined today, and this time the name is Edmund (some minor spoilers may be ahead).

Edmund was very much a surprise for me in just how fun his character was to write. Edmund is a firebrand, unpredictable, so even I as the author am often surprised by the things he does and says! And though he originally struck me as some kind of Mad Max anarchist type, he vehemently denies this label. In fact, Edmund defies all labels.

Though his “page time” is short, Edmund is a vital piece of the story. Essentially, he plays the role of bizarro Zach (I hope at least one of my readers is a Seinfeld fan and appreciates that reference). He bears passing similarities to Zach, but his behavior is largely the opposite.

I particularly liked how Edmund has only one rule, and it was a rule imposed by his own mother when he was young. This struck me as one more unconventional piece of the chaotic puzzle that is Edmund.

Finally, like most of the other characters, Edmund is not based on anyone real. He’s purely a figment of my imagination. And a good thing, for I’d hate to know a person even remotely similar to him!

And that wraps up today’s segment of The Story Behind the Characters! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Edmund. And don’t forget to share His Name Was Zach with your friends! You can give them this link where it can still be bought for just 99 cents! It’s not free, but that’s about as close as you get!

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