This is the official blog for Peter Martuneac, author of the “His Name Was Zach” book series!

This project actually began several years ago, in the middle of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, of all places. I was a young United States Marine on my second deployment, and for years I had wanted to write a good story. But nothing ever worked out. So I didn’t have much hope for Zach and Abby when I first put their names on paper, but this story was different from the others I’d attempted. Less laborious than previous attempts, this story felt natural, like it had been inside me all along and it merely flowed onto the paper.

I wrote at a break-neck pace, and the first draft was finished in only four months. I then spent the next few years reading, revising, and editing the story several times. Life also got in the way, as I became a student at Purdue University. But I finally published it, then followed up with two sequels and a short story prequel.

You can download the “His Name Was Zach” books on Kindle or order paperbacks from Amazon here.

P.S. In case you were wondering, my name is pronounced “Mar-TOO-knee-ack”. It’s a Romanian name.

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